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A premium beer's alcohol content should always be high enough to enable a perfect balance with
flavour and aroma.

Otter Ale is a very well balanced beer that delivers the flavours of quality floor malted barley and finishes with a combination of fruit and some bitterness. Its nose is a balance of malt and fruit.

Over the last 10 years the 'mid gravity' beer has become popular with drinkers, delivering a reasonable strength with great flavour.

Otter Amber has all the
qualities of other Otter beers but with a more complex mix of
aroma and flavour.

Otter Ale (ABV 4.5%)

Otter Amber (ABV 4.0%)

It’s distinctive aroma and balanced flavour set it apart from other beers taking unsuspecting first time drinkers by surprise with its moreish appeal.

Doom Bar has achieved International cult status and is one of the fastest growing beer brands in the UK and the best selling cask beer in the South West of England.

DoomBar (ABV 4.0%)

The Journeys End Inn is a place where beer drinkers can enjoy the finest perfectly cask conditioned real ale.

Tracy prides herself on stocking the real ales that her customers want EVERY week, which is why The Journeys End boasts such a loyal base of regulars.

Tracy stocks a wide range of real Ales with Doombar as the regular offering, Teignworthy, Skinners, Dartmoor, Otter, Hunters, Bays, and many more from Devon and Cornwall. All of the Ales are served straight from the Keg from behind the bar.

Ciders, Lager and of course Guinness are also always available.

Some of our Favorites.....


1. Prosecco Barocco,                        £17.95


Perfect for any special occasion with

its peachy fruit character and a gentle

mouth feel.

2. Poilvert-Jacques Champagne,              £29.00

Brut NV,


Subtle and elegant with floral aromas,

fresh and harmonious on the palate.

3. Louis Roederer Brut Premier,             £40.00


Rich, soft, elegant and creamy with

wonderful biscuity finish.


4. Sauvignon Blanc, Las Condes,             £15.95

Chile                                  175ml £3.99

Elder flower notes, a grassy            250ml £5.50

quality and a touch of citrus

fruit on the finish.

5. Chenin Blanc,The Veldt Range             £15.95

South Africa                           175ml £3.99 Melon and lychees with soft            250ml £5.50

tropical fruit flavours and an

elegant, refreshing finish.

6. Chardonnay, La Rareté                    £16.50

Southern France                        175ml £4.15

Abundant fresh and full                250ml £5.75 tropical fruit flavours.

7. Pinot Grigio Col di Sotto,               £17.50


Aromatic and joyous with bags

of fruit.

8. Verdejo Penamonte Toro,                  £19.50


Citrus with hints of pineapple

and tropical fruits in the mouth.

9. Francesca Bay Sauvignon Blanc,           £23.00

New Zealand        

Fresh gooseberry and tinned pear

with crunchy apple and tropical

fruit flavours.

10. Riesling, Grove Mill,                   £27.00

New Zealand           

Passion fruit, sherbet, tropical

fruit and typical Marlborough


11. Petit Chablis,                          £29.95

Domaine Colombier Burgundy,


Classic Petit Chablis, with minerals,

Citrus, white flower aromas and

perfect balance.


12. Tempranillo Rosé, La Rareza             £15.95

Spain                                  175ml £3.99

Fresh fruit with hints of red          250ml £5.50

Berries. Light, clean, fresh

and fruity with a long-lasting


13. Pinot Grigio Rosé, la Casada,      £17.50


Wonderfully refreshing red fruit



14. Merlot, Las Condes                      £15.95

Chile                                  175ml £3.99

Ripe red and stone fruits              250ml £5.50

develop into ripe plum and

prune flavours.

15. Tempranillo, Quintana                   £15.95

Spain                                  175ml £3.99

Soft fruity with red cherry            250ml £5.50

Fruit on the nose. Dried fruit

and chocolate on the palate.

16. Shiraz, Coorong Estate                  £16.50

Australia                              175ml £4.15

Smoky, dark fruit and spicy            250ml £5.75

blackberry and plum flavours

end in a long, smooth finish.

17. Rioja Vina Amate                        £17.95


Juicy fruity notes of black cherry

and plum.

18. Grenache Tramontane,                    £19.95


Robust, full of ripe red fruit flavours and

a refreshing finish.

19. Carmenere Barrel Select, Santa Ema      £22.00


Black cherries, herbs, spicy black

pepper and a touch of chocolate.

20. Pinot Noir, Domaine Valmoissine         £26.50


Soft and silky with lively elegant

ripe plums and spice.

21. Petit Verdot, Ceravolo Estate           £29.50


Rich, spicy peppery fruit, layered with hints

of cherry, plum and blackcurrant.


22. Gewurtzraminer Late Harvest     1/2 btl £16.00

Grove Mill,                             50ml £2.40 New Zealand              

Concentrated lychees, fruit blossom,         

Turkish delight and spice.

23. Late Harvest Shiraz             1/2 btl £25.00

The Raconteur,


Dense, rich chocolate and

blueberry pudding.

24. Prestigio Pedro Ximenez           50 cl £19.00

Triana , Spain                      

Honey, raisins and caramel.

Beautifully rich, luscious

creamy texture.

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